In the process of creating art there is willingness to approach something new, ability to clarify intent, evaluation, and problem solving, there is no right or wrong way to create art, there is an opportunity to think about what you want to say, to make choices, try something, see how it works, and revise.  These are all hearts-thinking skills.
— MC Giroux


Performance Art


"MOTH"clothing, Fans and recorded loop. 2014

 In 2014, I shed 65lbs of weight off my body to reclaim my health and vitality-during this time I experienced the good the bad and the ugly of massive weight loss. The experience left me with a new understanding of how my society deals with weight gain and loss. I created "Moth" to explore the idea of personal transformation and the stresses and judgment it brings out in other people.

There are the voices of encouragement;" you look amazing" wow you are working so hard, wow, you go girl. And there were the other voices "your too thin, you look like a cancer patient are you sick? why are you depriving yourself? i liked you better before,you used to have boobs I loved your old boobs!

I recorded two loops of each side the encouragers and the discouragers, these play at the same time during the performance. The sound of the Fan represents the wind of change.


don't wait 2014 performance- clothing, fans, recorded loops
marie-claude giroux  "don't wait"