August 2019

What! Time flies!

So much time so little time.

Its been a wild ride this year, feeling really blessed some things that where just big dreams last year are now becoming reality in a big beautiful way.

So grateful to my teachers and coaches that resurrected this girl from continuing to live blinded by old programing and has moved me into a more authentic awesome way..

Some of you know I am working towards my Coaching Certification with the amazing Martha Beck!

YES I am taking Coaching clients and I am working for hours not dollars at the moment. So Sign up for a free clarity session with me and bring more love and creativity into your life, work and relationships.

Its a vibrant time for me as I have been working in the studio making prints. feeling in the groove. I am making a ton of work. I brought 32 Prints to frame last week for a show I am in at the Gallery with 2 artist I admire.

life is good.